Join us for the first MIJO Fitness Challenge of 2012!

Put Away the Scale until February 15th!!

Too often we get caught up in the weight we ‘should’ be and become far too focused on the dreaded number on the scale. So lets move away from the choke hold that our scales often have on us and track our fitness the old fashioned way… by how we feel, how our clothes fit and the energy we have. We’re not saying that you should never check the scale, but that society has placed so much emphasis on your ‘number’ that we lose sight of our overall health and become fixated on the scale.

Lets see how many of us can last until Feb 15th without so much as a peek. Find us on Facebook and post about this challenge, how it makes you feel etc etc. Those that complete the challenge will be entered in a draw for some great prizes!

Remember, you’re NUMBER does not define you or your fitness level, so this month embrace your number and put that scale away.

Good luck!

MIJO Sport Team


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