12 Days of Healthful Holiday Tips – Day 2!

Think Outside the Sock!
Written by: Instructor Stasia (aka the Optimistic Ninja!)
The other day my spouse said to me, whilst conversing about shopping for stocking stuffers, “lets try to not get too much unnecessary stuff for each other, especially candy and chocolates.” I said, “okay, so no candy?” The response was, “well, candy is okay, but just a little.”
My brain works in funny ways, and usually it is at about 5:30am when I come up with the most interesting thoughts. That was the case this morning. I started thinking about the types of healthy stocking stuffers I could purchase that we both would like. For example, have you been down the cereal aisle of the grocery store lately, there are so many interesting types of granola. There are your typical brands which are pretty delicious…. and then they have these “fancy” artisan granolas as well, with interesting mixes and flavors. I personally love yogurt and granola! I sometimes spend a good 15 minutes at the store selecting the perfect type for my mood! Instead of overstuffing the stockings with unhealthy stuff that you know will get gobbled up first thing Christmas morning, what about tantalizing your loved one’s taste buds with a bag of “fancy” granola?!? Personally, I would love it! It would be something different and it wouldn’t hurt to try it once.
What about dried fruit? They have so many different types beyond your typical apple rings, apricot slices and raisons…. Lifestyles, the Market and Planet Organic have amazing selections of dried fruit. My favorite bag of dried mangos, no preservatives added, is a little expensive, but no more than a bag of chocolate bells at Purdy’s. I would be pretty happy with a selection of dried fruits in my stocking, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, INSTEAD of my chocolate bells!
Again, I am not saying that I would totally replace all goodies in the stocking with these options, and I am not sure kids would totally go for this. However, as adults, I imagine that receiving something a little different could be pretty fun! In addition to all of this, we are very fortunate on our island, to have a great number of people that create delicious things like homemade granola and fruit and nut mixes. If you are trying to purchase locally, check out your next holiday market and see if you can’t find interesting, healthier snacks to put in your loved ones stockings and then mix in less of the goodies. Try it! This might just change the way you do Christmas morning!
Think outside the sock!

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