12 Days of Healthful Holiday Tips – Day 3!

Fa La La La Lunge!

The holidays can be hectic, crazy, and incredibly busy (unless of course you’re lucky enough to have figured out that perfect formula of organization, early shopping and how to say no to overscheduling! Sadly I’m not one of the lucky, yet!). All of this craziness fosters the perfect opportunity to forgo your regular workouts for holiday cheer and shopping, shopping, shopping (wouldn’t it be great if shopping counted as a workout….. hmmmm maybe the next great MIJO Sport program, a shopping workout?!) But these are the barriers/obstacles that you should plan ahead for, having solutions for all of the great, mediocre and down right lame excuses you might like to use at this time of year. Here are some standard lines you might tell yourself throughout the holidays:

Line: “I just have no time because the holiday’s are so busy”

Solution: Schedule your workouts/activity into your day just like you would other appointments. Set a reminder in your phone, or highlight it in your daytimer. And better yet, book in a workout partner so that you are even more accountable! Also remember that you can split up your activities into smaller increments if you are pressed for time. 15-20minute segments 2-3 times a day works just the same as one longer workout!

Line: “I’ll relax now because I’m making it my News Years resolution to lose weight/exercise/be more healthy”

Solution: WHY WAIT!!!! Just because it is a New Year doesn’t mean you need to fall in to that trap of planning New Years resolutions that, lets me honest here, will likely never get accomplished. Make every effort and intention to start a more healthful lifestyle NOW. Make simple and small changes, like opting for more greens throughout your day, or choosing not to eat that fast food meal, slowly adding more healthful choices to your days. But get going NOW!

Line: “I’m travelling over Christmas, and it’s just too hard to fit in a workout”

Solution: Is it really that hard to pack a pair of sneakers, t-shirt and workout pants, really?!? There are so many quick and easy ways to sneak in a workout, whether you have access to a gym, or need to workout in your parents living room, or a hotel room. And you don’t even need any equipment, body weight and motivation will get you a kick butt workout! Check back on Day 4 for a list of great FREE fitness/workout apps that you can use on the go.

No matter what your obstacle, try to break through it, prove it wrong and stay active, healthy and fit throughout the holidays!

– The Fitness Ninja’s


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