Sooke Instructors

We have a wide variety of programs available in Sooke taught by MIJO Sport Owner, Michelle Carpenter, and a small team of amazing Instructors.

Michelle Carpenter, BSc, BCRPA SFL, 4th Dan WTF     Co-Owner, MIJO Sport

Michelle has been involved in the fitness industry since 1992, when she began instructing her first Taekwondo children’s class. Since then she and brother Jonathan have come together to form MIJO Sport, a martial arts and fitness company offering programs specializing in Sport Combat, personal training, Popat/Pare preparation, FITcamp, WTF Taekwondo and much much more. Utilizing her extensive training and 10+ years of experience as an international Taekwondo competitor, Michelle’s unique approach blends functional fitnes with high performance sport training, formulated to be beneficial and rewarding for all fitness levels. Michelle teaches FITcamp, BOXfit, CARDIObox, WTF Taekwondo, personal training and more in the Sooke area.


Scott Vandament, 2nd Dan WTF       MIJO Taekwondo Instructor

Scott began his Taekwondo journey in 1999, achieving his Black Belt in 2004. He is a valuable member of the MIJO Taekwondo Instructor team and actively teaches and subs for the adults and kids programs in Sooke. His positive and fun approach to training allows students to work hard while having a lot of fun. Scott is an Electronics Engineering Technologist by day and is married to MIJO Sport co-owner Michelle.


Jennifer MacDonald, CanFitPro PT         MIJO FITcamp Instructor

Bio coming soon……


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