Sooke Bootcamp Locations

Check back here for weekly locations for MIJO Bootcamp workouts in Sooke.

First two classes for NEW participants are FREE!

Arronwood Rd.: Turn onto Church Rd. from Sooke Rd., turn right onto Arronwood Rd. into the new development, meet at the end of the street.
Broomhill Park: Is the new children’s water park, on Pyrite road
Deerlepe Park: Is on Francis Rd., the wooded area on the corner.
Galloping Goose Park: Go towards the Sooke Potholes and park where there are public washrooms, across from the trailer park.
Murray Rd. Stairs: turn left on Otterpoint road and meet in the parking lot on the right hand side.
Phillips Parking Lot: Go down Phillips Rd. from Sooke Rd., pass SeaParc and cross the bridge, and on the right side of the road is a parking lot just before the entrance of Sun River Estates.
Sun River Estates Parking Lot: Park in the parking lot where the daycare and real estate office is.
Sun River Estates Hill: At the very end of Sun River Way, park on the side of the road.
Townsend Road Trail: From Sooke Rd. turn right onto Townsend Rd (just before Otter Point Rd); follow the road until you see a trail on both sides of the road just before a set of townhomes. Park along the street.