Learn traditional and sport WTF Olympic Style Taekwondo. Classes are a blend of Taekwondo training, cardiovascular drills and core stability training. You’ll enjoy this challenging and rewarding martial arts class with opportunities to progress in belt levels and attend tournaments. MIJO Taekwondo is a fully sanctioned WTF Taekwondo school and member of the Woo Kim Taekwondo Association.

We offer WTF Taekwondo classes at 2 locations in the Victoria area:

Oak Bay Recreation Centre www.recreation.oakbay.ca 250-595-7946

Classes located at Uplands School, 3461 Henderson Rd

Esquimalt Recreation Centre www.esquimalt.ca/parksrecreation 250-412-8510

Tuesday Classes located at Esquimalt Rec Centre, Jubilee Hall

Saturday Classes located at Ecole Brodeur, 637 Head Street


With Recreation Oak Bay  

Mon/Wed              5:30-6:30pm

With Esquimalt Rec Centre 

Tuesdays                5:30-6:30pm

Saturdays               12-1pm


With Recreation Oak Bay

Mon/Wed                6:30-7:30pm

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