Fitness Is something a little different to everyone…. Fitness Is for health, Fitness Is for weightloss, Fitness Is for fun….. no matter what Fitness Is to you, we can help you meet your goals with our take on Bootcamp Fitness!

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Benefits of MIJO Bootcamp

– Well designed, exciting and challenging workouts put together by top industry professionals at MIJO Sport

– A combination of cardiovascular, strength, core and flexibility training, these classes will provide you with a total body workout in a fun and non-intimidating environment.

– Support and guidance from qualified and knowledgable MIJO Sport Instructors

-Workouts are modifiable for all levels, so no matter what shape you are in there is something for you!

What to Expect from MIJO Bootcamp Classes:

– Phased workouts, carefully planned for optimal gains, allowing you to get the most out of each workout. Sessions are 6-8 weeks long, with the option to attend 2 or 3 classes per week.

– Registration includes the opportunity to discuss goal setting, nutrition, take measurements, and go over exercise basics.

– Each 1 hour class includes a thorough warm-up, cardiovascular, strength, and core conditioning, and a cooldown/stretch

– Exercises are delivered at 2-3 different levels to be sure that the needs of all participants are met

– Workouts in Sooke are outdoors utilizing tubing, mats, specialty equipment and various obstacles found outdoors, while workouts in Victoria are indoors utilizing all available indoor equipment.

– For Sooke classes workout locations vary from week to week and are all in parks in and around Sooke. Locations are posted under ‘Schedules/Bootcamp Locations’