Mijo TotalBody

Join us in Sooke for a total body workout in the beautiful outdoors. You’ll enjoy periodized training that includes strength, conditioning, stability, agility and power training in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Benefits of Mijo TotalBody Workouts

  • Well designed, exciting and challenging workouts put together by top industry professionals at MIJO Sport
  • A combination of cardiovascular, strength, core and flexibility training, these classes will provide you with a total body workout in a fun and non-intimidating environment.
  • Support and guidance from qualified and knowledgable MIJO Sport Instructors
  • Workouts are modifiable for all levels, so no matter what shape you are in there is something for you!

What to Expect from Mijo TotalBody Classes:

  • Periodized workouts, carefully planned for optimal gains, allowing you to get the most out of each workout. Sessions are 6-8 weeks long, with the option to attend 1-2 classes per week.
  • Registration includes the opportunity to discuss goal setting, nutrition, take measurements, and go over exercise basics.
  • Each 1 hour class includes a thorough warm-up, cardiovascular, strength, and core conditioning, and a cooldown/stretch
  • Exercises are delivered at 2-3 different levels to be sure that the needs of all participants are met
  • Workouts in Sooke are outdoors utilizing tubing, free weights, medicine balls, mats, specialty equipment and various obstacles found outdoors.
  • For Sooke classes workout locations vary from week to week and are all in parks in and around Sooke. Locations are posted under ‘Schedules/Bootcamp Locations’