Developed by MIJO Sport co-owner, Jonathan Carpenter, MIJO BOXfit is an amazing, challenging and fun workout. Incorporating boxing style punching drills, bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular fitness and core training, this class will definitely make you sweat. In a non-intimidating environment, you will learn the ins and outs of punching through drills where you punch in the air and at targets. In addition your workout will be rounded out with upper and lower body functional exercises and core training.


Developed by MIJO Sport co-owner, Michelle Carpenter, MIJO CARDIObox will get your heart rate up with punching, footwork and bodyweight exercises choreographed to music. Combine this with high intensity functional strength and stability exercises and you will get an amazing total body workout. No gloves are required as all punching is done in the air.



Mondays          7:20-8:20pm         BOXfit

Wednesdays   7:20-8:20pm         BOXfit